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Objects of the Society

The Aviation Medical Society of New Zealand is a non-profit Society, Incorporated in New Zealand.
It exists to foster and support aviation medicine for doctors and others who are interested in the subject.

The Objects of the Society are defined in the Society Rules and include –

(i) the cultivation and promotion of aviation medicine and related sciences or disciplines,
(ii) the provision of an authoritative body of opinion in relation to aviation medicine.

(b) The above objects may be supported by various activities, including (but not limited to) the following –
(i) the holding of periodic meetings of members,
(ii) the collection and dissemination by, or among members, of scientific knowledge and the publication of articles related to aviation medicine and related sciences and of its meetings,
(iii) the conducting of essay or other appropriate competitions open to medical or science undergraduates,
(iv) the endowment and support of research and development of aviation medicine, and
(v) the co-operation, affiliation or holding of joint conferences with bodies having similar objects, within Australasia or elsewhere, most importantly with the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine.