Medical Review Officers Certification and Recertification Courses

The next MRO Certification Course will be held in Canberra on Thursday and Friday 28 – 29th October 2023. A recertification course will be held on Saturday 30th October 2023.

AMROA was established in 2010 to develop an Australasian group of medical practitioners who have a special interest in workplace A&OD programs with an emphasis on the medical review of testing methodology and results.

AMROA uses the term “Medical Review Officer” (MRO) to describe those medical practitioners who have undertaken appropriate training and assessment and have met the AMROA requirements.

AMROA believes that A&OD programs are more effective and provide the highest standards of quality and assurance when the MRO role is integrated into the program.

With the new New Zealand Civil Aviation Act introducing Alcohol and Other Drug testing, along with Drug and Alcohol Management Plans, the MRO provides a source of relevant expertise, which ensures that testing is both legally robust and effective in achieving the safety goals behind such legislation. For more information, please consult the AMROA website.