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AMSNZ Conference Venues

NZ hosted a combined meeting with Australia in 1974 at the International Hotel, Rotorua.

The Society logo of an ascending aircraft with an entwined serpent was adopted at that time and the National Airways Corporation of NZ provided seeding funds for future educational activities – which later became the Patterson Visiting Lecturer Trust in recognition of the NAC Chairman, Mr Douglas Patterson.


2022 - Christchurch - Saturday 3 September, Pavilions Hotel, Christchurch

John Lane Orator - Dr Lila Landowski PhD, University of Tasmania, Australia


2020-2021 - Online due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.


2019 - Wellington            Saturday 28 September Rydges Hotel, Wellington City

Patterson Lecturer - Captain David Fielding, BALPA / British Airways

John Lane Orator - Dr Thomas Smith, Head, Aerospace Medicine, Kings College, London


2018 - Tauranga               17-18 August   Classic Flyers Museum

Patterson Lecturer - Dr John Caldwell - Sleep Physiologist, USA

John Lane Orator - Mr Sam Bailey - Croppa Creek, NSW, Australia


2017 - Queenstown           31 August - 3 September   Crowne Plaza Hotel

Patterson Lecturer - Dr Anthony Wagstaff - President ESAM, Norway

John Lane Orator - Dr Robert Thirsk - Chancellor, University Of Calgary, Canada

AsMA invited guest speaker - Dr Quay Snyder - ALPA International Medical Advisor, FAA HIMS Program Manager


2016 - Wellington               September 9-10th     CAA offices, Asteron Building.

Patterson Lecturer - Dr Kevin McCauley - Honolulu, USA

John Lane Orator - Dr Anthony Evans - ICAO, Montreal, Canada


2015 - Auckland                 September 4-5th    Auckland University of Technology

Patterson Lecturer -   Dr John Roberts, Chief Medical Officer, NATS, UK

John Lane Orator   -   Dr Giles Clement, Director of Research at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Centre, Bron, France.

Combined meeting with NZ CAA.  Simultaneously held at AUT with ANZSOM / combined dinner.


2014 -   Nelson                   September 6-7th    Trailways Hotel

Patterson Lecturer  -     Dr Len Thompson

John Lane Orator    -    Col.  Jeff  Brock     (Australia )

Presentations from Assoc. Prof Alister Neill, Drs Lisa Brown, Dave Baldwin, Denis Lee & Jon Nelson.

Denis Lee elected to committee.   Combined meeting with NZ CAA.


2013 - Wellington                September  28th/29th    CAA offices

Patterson Lecturer -    Group Captain Robert Lee    (Canberra)

John Lane Orator -      Dr. Adrian Smith                 (Australia)


2012 - Queenstown              Saturday 22nd September

Patterson Lecturer -   Professor Michael Bagshaw  (UK)

John Lane Orator -    Dr  Jon Clark    (USA)

2011 - Auckland - AirNZ Aviation Institute - Saturday 1st October

Patterson Lecturer - Dr. Peter Liu  (Sydney)

John Lane Orator - Dr Raymond Johnston  (UK)

Lectures from Ben Johnston, Gareth Iremonger, Dave Baldwin, AJ Sykes & Tim Sprott.

Ben Johnston elected as Secretary.

2010 - Rotorua 12/6/10 and Christchurch 7/8/10

Patterson lecturer :  Prof. Rod Jackson  (Auckland)
[Lane lecturer : Dr. Andrei Catanchin ( Perth)]

Rotorua lectures from Rod Jackson, Gavin Stevens, Tim Sprott, Sarah Aldington
Christchurch lectures from James Foulds, Melanie Souter, Tim Rumball and Dawn Dart.

2009 - Vanuatu          NZ  hosted triennial with ASAM         (AGM Rotorua)    

Patterson lecturer: Dr Petra Illig (Space Assoc. Alaska)
Lane lecturer: Dr Bill Griggs (Adelaide)           
NZ Mini-conf Auckland Sept 26th  - lectures from Kira Bacal, Karen Wilcox

Pres: B Spackman, D Powell, S Aldington, R Morton, T Sprott, A Wiles (death of G Robinson cycling accident September 2009)

2008 - Wairakei            in association with ANZSOM           

Patterson lecturer: Capt Mike Allsop (NZ pilot & Everest climber)
Lane lecturer: Dr Jim VanderPloeg (NASA USA)

2007 - Queenstown       in association with ANZSOM 

Patterson lecturer: Prof Keith Petrie (NZ)
Lane lecturer: Prof Charles Watson (UK)

2006 - NZ            Wings over Wanaka Easter, AirNZ Auckland Sept. 16/17.

Patterson lecturer: Dr Paulo Magahles  (Brazil)
Lane lecturer: Col. Bob Ireland (USA)

Pres: D Powell, B Spackman, G Robinson, S Souter, R Morton, T Sprott, B Daniels

2005 -  ASAM triennial              International Hotel, Gold Coast Australia           

Patterson lecturer: Dr Phillipa Gander (NZ)
Lane lecturer: John Caldwell

2004 - Christchurch            Millennium Hotel in association with ANZSOM                        

Patterson lecturer: Dr Tony Evans (UK)
Lane lecturer: Prof John West (USA)

2003 - Auckland            Carlton Hotel      in association with ANZSOM 

Patterson lecturer: Col Mike Lischak (USA)
Lane lecturer: Col Rich Williams (USA)

Pres: Bill Daniels, T Sprott, S Souter, B Spackman, G Robinson, D Pezaro, T Hochberg, D Baldwin

2002 - Sydney            Regent Hotel 


2001 - Rotorua            Novotel Hotel                       

Patterson lecturer : Prof Michael Joy (UK)
Lane lecturer: Dr Melchor Antunano (FAA)

Pres: Tim Sprott, B Spackman, D Baldwin, S Souter, J Eliott, H Tapper, T Hochberg, C Preitner

2000 - Christchurch            Chateau on Park            

Lane lecturer : Col David Salisbury (Canada)

1999 - Cairns                        Reef Hotel                                                                       

Patterson lecturer: Dr Alan Parmet
Lane lecturer: Dr Mein (Singapore)

Pres: Rob Griffiths, P Dodwell, T Sprott, H Tapper, B Spackman, D Powell


1998 - Paihia                        Pacific Beach Motel           

Patterson lecturer: Dr Claus Kurdt-Christiansen (ICAO)

Dr K Callaghan new PMO CAA replaced Dr P Dodwell PMO for 10 years


1997 - Wairakei            Wairakei Hotel                        

Patterson lecturer: Dr Ken Edgington (CMO CAA UK)
Lane lecturer: Col. Doug Ivan (USAF)


1996 - Queenstown            Skyline Centre                                                           

Patterson lecturer: Dr David Denison (UK)
Lane lecturer: Dr Claude Thibeault (Canada)

NZ: Pres Rob Griffiths, P Dodwell, V Smith, K Callaghan, D Powell, J Faris


1995 - Blenheim            Blenheim Country Lodge                                               

Patterson lecturer: Prof John Ernsting (RAF)


1994 - Wellington            Centra Hotel                                                           

Patterson lecturer: Dr Eugene Adam (McDonnell Douglas)
Lane lecturer: Dr John Firth (UK)


1993 - Sydney            Novotel Darling Harbour           30/9-3/10/93

Patterson lecturer: Dr Russell Rayman (AsMA)
Lane lecturer: Dr Michael Davies (CMO British Airways)

Sandy Dawson Pres Australia, Rob Griffiths Pres NZ (NZ membership 315)


1992 - Havelock            Parkwood Country Lodge                24-27/9/92

Patterson lecturer: Dr Harry Guy (UCLA)
Lane lecturer: Dr Storey Musgrove (US astronaut)         


1991 - Queenstown            Lakeland Regency                       12-15/9/91

Patterson lecturer: Dr Des Gorman
Lane lecturer: Dr Roger Green (RAF)


1990 - Auckland            Aotea Centre                                      20-23/9/90

Patterson lecturer: Dr Curtis Graber (NASA)
Lane lecturer: Dr Sarah (Sally) Nunnelly (Pres AsMA)

NZ Cttee: Pres Sandy Dawson, P Dodwell, R Griffiths, J Faris


1989 - Rotorua            Hyatt Kingsgate Hotel                         26-29/10/89

Patterson lecturer:  Dr Gerald Petrovsky           
John Lane Trust lecturer: Prof David Cooper (Sydney)


1988 - Christchurch            Quality Inn            
(& ASAM Brisbane – Sheraton Hotel in association with Expo  16-21/10/88)


1987 - Melbourne            Regent Hotel            triennial        17-20/9/87

Patterson lecturer: Dr A Benson – RAF
NZ Cttee: Pres Len Thompson, Ross Ewing, Bill Daniels

Patterson Trust donated $5000 to establish the Dip. Avmed at Otago University
and Air NZ donated $20,000 for the same cause; to be run by Dr Rob Griffiths.


1986 - Wellington            James Cook Hotel                             19-21/9/86

Patterson lecturer: Dr John Firth – neurosurgeon UK


1985 - Waitangi                                                                               18-21/9/85

Patterson lecturer: Dr Earle Carter (Mayo Clinic)
Dr Peter Chapman & Col. Richard Mullane also lectured.


1984 - Rotorua            triennial                                                      27-30/9/84

Patterson lecturer   Dr JC Lane
Len Thompson President


1983 - Queenstown            Travelodge Hotel                                22-25/9/83

Patterson lecturer: Dr J Lemon


1982 - Nelson                       Rutherford hotel                                 23-25/9/82

Patterson lecturer: Group-Capt AJ Barwood (RAF)


1981 - Sydney            Boulevard Hotel                                             29-1/10/81

Patterson lecturer: Dr Michael Joy (CAAUK)


1980 - Auckland            Hyatt Hotel                                                 10-12/10/80

Patterson lecturer: Dr Charles Billings (NASA Medical Director)


1979 - NZ meeting cancelled

W. Daniels & G MacDougal added to the committee but the NZ officers resigned en-masse this year (reason not given)


1978 - Christchurch            Noahs Hotel                                         17-19/8/78

NZ Cttee: L. Thompson, J Faris, R Rowe, A Erenstrom


1977 - Mt. Maunganui                                                                         2-3/9/77

1976 - Queenstown            Travelodge Hotel                                   24-25/9/76