AMSNZ Treasurer’s report – September 2021

Dr Stuart Farmer The financial position of the society is stable. At March 31st total assets of $128,410 compared to $122,203 in March 2020 Income for the year totalled $17 789 compared to $20 073 the previous year. $ 15 929 generated in membership fees and conference enrolments. Comparing in person one day conference in […]

AMSNZ President’s report – September 2021

Dr Anton Wiles Yet another difficult year, in a world that may never feel quite the same. Once again we have had no choice but to take our Conference virtual, but have still managed to get at least a third of members participating. A few of our Australian colleagues are also joining us, but they […]

AMSNZ President’s report – September 2020

Dr Anton Wiles A difficult year for all, and this has been translated to our main event, the annual Conference. With Covid-19 stopping international travel we were unable to arrange a Patterson Lecturer, or have the Australian John Lane Orator. Fortunately we have arranged what should be a more-than-adequate alternative from within NZ. At the […]

AMSNZ Treasurer’s report – August 2018

Dr Greg van der Hulst Financial balances The last 12 months have been positive for the Societies finances.  Income for the Society in most years comes primarily from annual membership fees and surplus from our local annual scientific meeting.  Last year’s combined meeting with ASAM at Queenstown saw 140 Australians and a few delegates from […]

AMSNZ President’s report – August 2018

Dr Anton Wiles The year got off to a flying start with the Queenstown conference, a combined meeting with our Australian colleagues. It proved popular beyond our expectations. In spite of adding a side room, we are aware that some were still not able to get a registration. Apologies for that, as it was a […]

AMSNZ Presidents Report 2016

The main activity for this year has been organising the Wellington Conference, to be held at CAA’s offices on 10 Sept, after a CAA day on the 9th. Our thanks to CAA for the use of their rooms – this makes the running of a Conference a much more viable event. Visiting speakers are Dr […]

AMSNZ Presidents Report 2017

The year has revolved around planning for the Triennial conference, where we are joined by ASAM. The whole committee has been involved, with a great conference planned. Initial fears of a low turn-out proved unfounded, with an excess of applications even before the end of early-bird registrations. The addition of another 50 seats in a […]

AMSNZ Presidents Report 2014

During 2014 the AMSNZ committee has consolidated much of the work initiated in 2013. This report will update members on the following topics: AMSNZ membership and administration 1) Committee update 2) Sponsors and supporting organisations 3) Future conference details 4) CME activities 5) CAA Online medical certification project 6) Review of the Civil Aviation Act […]