CAA Online Medical Certification – Consultation Begins

The Civil Aviation Authority has emailed a high use group of Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) informing them of the establishment of the “EMPIC Medical Examiner User Group”. The invitation states: “This is an opportunity to provide input into the design of the medical module and represent the wider medical examiner community.”

Meetings have been planned on a monthly basis between December 2023 and May 2024, with the first scheduled for 6th December. On the agenda is “input into the design of the medical certification application process.  Follow-up review of the medical application form”

EMPIC is a regulatory application with wide scope, and the medical module only forms a small part of the functionality. After the CAA had purchased the programme, initial conversations in 2021 with the project team and business analysts confirmed the Australian experience, namely that EMPIC is poorly suited to the risk-based approach to regulatory medicine practised in Australasia. Given that a significant portion of AME’s in New Zealand have adopted other computer-solutions, the move to a different platform will carry with it challenges and the potential for disruption. Any new IT tool is likely to be in place for years. Making a choice which can be responsive to the changing requirements, as well as efficient and effective is important. We welcome the move to seek input from the user community. It would have been good if that input had been sought prior to a purchase being made, but that is now history. If you have any comments or wish to be involved in the conversation about this development, please get in touch with AMSANZ or the CAA Medical Unit [].

AMSANZ Committee is keen to represent the membership through this process, so please provide your feedback and comments.