Open letter from the Aviation Medical Society of Aotearoa New Zealand to CAA

12th March 2024 Open letter from the Aviation Medical Society of Aotearoa New Zealand – 12MAR24 To the Director of Civil Aviation, We are writing to escalate our concerns regarding the absence of mission-critical aeromedical aspects of the Kapua IT project underway at CAA, and specifically the selection and implementation of the EMPIC Medical Module. […]

1st Pacific Aviation Medicine Conference – Nadi, Fiji

The idea of a conference was birthed in conversations held between some Pacific attendees and CASA, the Australian regulator, at the Australasian Society of Aerospace Medicine 2022 meeting in the Hunter Valley. With only a couple of months’ notice, an excellent meeting was organised in Nadi at the Tanoa Hotel conference facilities. Approximately 65 delegates […]

We Remember Air Commodore (Rtd) Dr Leonard James Thompson MBE

  Air Commodore Len Thompson, SN 920114, had a long and distinguished career in military Aviation but above all in Aviation Medicine, spanning from 1951 to 1994, becoming the first doctor in the country to make Aviation Medicine a full time career. Len started flying in July 1950 at the Otago Aero Club on an […]

Medical Review Officers Certification and Recertification Courses

The next MRO Certification Course will be held in Canberra on Thursday and Friday 28 – 29th October 2023. A recertification course will be held on Saturday 30th October 2023. AMROA was established in 2010 to develop an Australasian group of medical practitioners who have a special interest in workplace A&OD programs with an emphasis […]

AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2022

13:33 03 September 2022 Terrace Room, Pavilions Hotel, Christchurch Present: Michael Drane (President), Anton Wiles, Greg van der Hulst (Secretary), Stuart Farmer ( Treasurer), Joanna Lapish, David Baldwin, John Karalus, , Calum Young, Angela Dowle, , Bryan Chong, Janneke Patterson, Kit Boyes, Marcus Hawkins, Robert Morton, Sarita Dara, Shaun McKenzie-Pollock, Kate Manderson, Frank Wurmitzer, Pat […]

AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2021

12:17 25 September 2021            via Zoom Present: Anton Wiles (president), Greg van der Hulst  (acting sec), Stuart Farmer ( treasurer), Joanna Lapish, Hardeep Hundal , David Powell, John  Karalus, Dave Baldwin, Ben Johnston, Nicola Emslie, Calum Young, Angela Dowle, Gus Cabre, Bruce Phillips, Bryan Chong, Michael Drane, Janneke, Jayne Davis, Kelsi Nichols, Kit Boyes, Lisa […]

AMSNZ Treasurer’s report – September 2021

Dr Stuart Farmer The financial position of the society is stable. At March 31st total assets of $128,410 compared to $122,203 in March 2020 Income for the year totalled $17 789 compared to $20 073 the previous year. $ 15 929 generated in membership fees and conference enrolments. Comparing in person one day conference in […]

AMSNZ President’s report – September 2021

Dr Anton Wiles Yet another difficult year, in a world that may never feel quite the same. Once again we have had no choice but to take our Conference virtual, but have still managed to get at least a third of members participating. A few of our Australian colleagues are also joining us, but they […]

AMSNZ President’s report – September 2020

Dr Anton Wiles A difficult year for all, and this has been translated to our main event, the annual Conference. With Covid-19 stopping international travel we were unable to arrange a Patterson Lecturer, or have the Australian John Lane Orator. Fortunately we have arranged what should be a more-than-adequate alternative from within NZ. At the […]