AMSNZ Treasurer’s report – September 2021

Dr Stuart Farmer

The financial position of the society is stable.

At March 31st total assets of $128,410 compared to $122,203 in March 2020

Income for the year totalled $17 789 compared to $20 073 the previous year.

$ 15 929 generated in membership fees and conference enrolments.
Comparing in person one day conference in Wellington in 2019 with Zoom only conference in 2020.

$ 1860 in interest on term deposits.
Expenses for the year totalled $11 974 compared with $ 14 236 in 2019.

There was less cost associated with the online conference in 2020 however there was also a 7.5K payment to the conference company for work done to date on the large scale international conference which was planned for 2022- sadly now shelved due to COVID related challenges.

The only ongoing expense (approximately $100 a month) is to Clubhub and Windcave to maintain the functionality of our website for members.

Stuart Farmer, AMSNZ Treasurer, 20/09/21.