AMSNZ Treasurer’s report – August 2018

Dr Greg van der Hulst

Financial balances
The last 12 months have been positive for the Societies finances.  Income for the Society in most years comes primarily from annual membership fees and surplus from our local annual scientific meeting.  Last year’s combined meeting with ASAM at Queenstown saw 140 Australians and a few delegates from other countries join a handful of AMSNZ members for a very successful meeting.  The amount of effort put into organising this event by AMSNZ committee members was significant.   Due to the popularity of the meeting, there was a NZ$27,037 surplus banked by the Society.  Membership dues for 2017 amounted to NZ$7280, with a further NZ$2423 earned in interest on Society funds on term deposit.
Cheque account balance as of 12 August 2018 = $ 43,957.76
Term deposit balance as of 12 August 2018 = $ 74,960.73
Detailed accounts for the Society are up on the AMSNZ website.

The majority of the income from the Queenstown meeting was redistributed to the two Trusts – NZ$21,500 to the Patterson Trust and NZ$5722 (AU$5000) to the John Lane Trust.  Club hub fees to manage membership and fees, and to host the website were our next largest regular expenditure at NZ$1444 annually.  This service is essential to the smooth running of the Society and saves a huge amount of time for committee members.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM held at Queenstown again resolved not to require an audit of the Societies accounts.

Membership remains stable at around 70 members, including honorary and associate members.
I am pleased to hand over the reins of Treasurer after my three year term with the Society in a stable financial position.

Greg van der Hulst – outgoing Treasurer
August 2018