AMSNZ President’s report – August 2018

Dr Anton Wiles

The year got off to a flying start with the Queenstown conference, a combined meeting with our Australian colleagues. It proved popular beyond our expectations. In spite of adding a side room, we are aware that some were still not able to get a registration. Apologies for that, as it was a great event. We did have to plan for minimal (but potential) financial loss, and the interest from across the Tasman exceeded everyone’s expectations. In the end, as per the Treasurer’s report, there was significant profit, which was disbursed to the Patterson and John Lane Trusts.

Otherwise it has been quite a quiet year, although I recently attended a CAA discussion seminar on the new PREDICT CVD Risk Tables – more of that at this year’s meeting in Tauranga, where Prof Rod Jackson will be presenting.

This is the change-over year for the committee. I encourage others to put their names forward. We have been able to do committee meetings via Skype, so geographical location should not be a bar to participation. (It also tends to make the meetings more succinct, and shorter in duration.)

The Society continues to have a membership of 70 – this is almost the whole DME work-force for CAA NZ, and has an ongoing role in representing our work to the authorities, and discussion of issues that arise.

My thanks to the current committee for all the help they have been over my time in the role.

Anton Wiles