AMSNZ Presidents Report 2017

The year has revolved around planning for the Triennial conference, where we are joined by ASAM. The whole committee has been involved, with a great conference planned. Initial fears of a low turn-out proved unfounded, with an excess of applications even before the end of early-bird registrations. The addition of another 50 seats in a separate room should help cater for those who were initially disappointed. Once again we are indebted to Air New Zealand for their assistance with travel costs for the Paterson Lecturer..

I personally must thank all committee members – Greg van der Hulst, Denis Lee, Nicola Emslie (even while spending most of the year in Australia), and Stuart Farmer (who joined the committee after the last AGM) have all been highly active in the planning and organisation of the event. Iceberg Events were recommended as Conference Organisers by ASAM after helping them with past conferences, and have certainly helped smooth the way and ensure that everything possible has been considered. Fingers now crossed for the actual event, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible

It remains my hope that we will eventually have a late summer/autumn one-day seminar, but this is still in the future. For this year there remains the CAA day in late October – unfortunately they were unable to take up the invitation to join us in Queenstown.

My regards to you all.

Anton Wiles (President).