AMSNZ Presidents Report 2014

During 2014 the AMSNZ committee has consolidated much of the work initiated in 2013. This report will update members on the following topics:

AMSNZ membership and administration

1) Committee update

2) Sponsors and supporting organisations

3) Future conference details

4) CME activities

5) CAA Online medical certification project

6) Review of the Civil Aviation Act 1990

7) Aviation Medicine Community Liaison Group

AMSNZ Membership and Administration

Total AMSNZ membership now stands at 69, which is a 25% increase over the past twelve months. The breakdown of membership types is as follows:

Full members:          63

Associate members:    2

Honorary members:    4

AMSNZ member Rob Morton assisting with reviewing the previous list of eleven honorary members. Sadly it was found that only four of the eleven were still alive. The current role of honorary members is:

Dr Len Thompson MBE (Kerikeri)

Dr Russell Worth (Wellington)

Dr Peter Chapman (UK)

Dr John Faris (Perth, Australia)

We have been able to contact Len, Peter and John, and have added them to the Clubhub administration system, with the intent of keeping our honorary members regularly informed of society activities. We are delighted to have Len join as at this conference as our Patterson Trust Visiting Lecturer. I would like to see some history regarding our honorary members, past and present, recorded on the website. If any of our members have historical information or an interest in contributing in any way please contact the committee


We farewell Andy Campbell who has resigned from the committee due to being busy with work commitments. A replacement is required for the remaining year of the committee’s tenure. Election of a new committee will take place at the next AGM in 2015.

Sponsors and Supporting Organisations

We are grateful to the following organisations for their support of AMSNZ activities within the past twelve months:

USL Medical for sponsoring catering for the annual conference

Air New Zealand for providing travel for the Patterson Visiting Lecturer

The CAA Aviation Medicine Unit for providing a CAA update session during the conference.

The Patterson Trust for arranging the Patterson Visiting Lecturer

Future Conference Details

For 2015 AMSNZ is planning a joint conference with the Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM). It is likely this will be held in Auckland on the weekend of 5th and 6th of September, prior to the ASAM conference on 10th to 13th September in Adelaide.

For 2016 AMSNZ will likely hold our annual conference on the weekend of 1st and 2nd October, prior to the ASAM conference on 6th to 9thOctober (Hamilton Island). We have not yet identified the location for our 2016 conference; suggestions are welcome

For 2017 AMSNZ is planning to host a joint conference with ASAM in New Zealand. Dates will be set by this time next year. The favoured location is Queenstown.

AMSNZ was contacted by Tourism New Zealand who offered assistance with submitting a bid to host a future ICASM conference in New Zealand. After some initial investigation the committee decided that attempting to host such a large conference would be excessively risky. We have declined Tourism New Zealand’s offer.

CME Activities

The committee is continually looking for opportunities to provide enhance the practice of Aviation Medicine in New Zealand. A small aviation peer review meeting in Auckland has been opened to all interested AMSNZ members. So far two meetings have been run, in May and August. Attendees have given favourable feedback and these meetings will continue to run quarterly. Other centres are encouraged to coordinate local peer group meetings also.

In addition, the traditional Auckland AMSNZ Christmas function will be associated with a one day CME session. Details to be confirmed in the near future.

The annual ASAM journal is now distributed electronically to all AMSNZ members. This costs us approximately $20 per member. You are all encouraged to submit material to the journal for publication.

CAA Online Medical Certification System (OMCS)

After an early burst of scoping activity by the CAA this has not progressed much further. The CAA reports that they remain committed to developing and implementing an online medical certification system however the timeline is uncertain. Further information will be provided by CAA after an October 2014 meeting relating to their Regulatory Craft Programme.

The AMSNZ committee is concerned that in the absence of OMCS an upgrade or replacement of the Aviation Medical Licensing software (aka John Faris Program) may be required. Many Aviation Medical Examiners use this software to issue CAA medical certificates. Clarity about CAA’s timelines for OMCS are required in order to make a decision about investing in upgrading or replacing certification software. We will continue to work with CAA on this issue.

Review of the Civil Aviation Act 1990

This was discussed last year. Correspondence from the Ministry of Transport has been forwarded to members. This outlined the consultation process, including dates and times for engagement sessions. With respect to medical certification the review covers three main areas: The AMC process, the role of the convenor, and provision for recognition of overseas medical certificates. Members are strongly encouraged to read the consultation documents available on the Ministry of Transport website, and to make submissions either individually, and/or through the AMSNZ Committee.

Aviation Medicine Community Liaison Group

These meetings continue to run on a regular basis and the minutes will be circulated to members.


AMSNZ has rebounded from low membership numbers of two years ago and conference attendance is also increasing. I believe this is an endorsement from members that we are getting some things right. We will continue to seek out opportunities to advance the practice of Aviation Medicine in New Zealand. The committee is always appreciative of additional involvement and suggestions from members.

I would like to thank all of the committee for another year of hard work.

Ben Johnston