AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2022

13:33 03 September 2022 Terrace Room, Pavilions Hotel, Christchurch

Present: Michael Drane (President), Anton Wiles, Greg van der Hulst (Secretary), Stuart Farmer ( Treasurer), Joanna Lapish, David Baldwin, John Karalus, , Calum Young, Angela Dowle, , Bryan Chong, Janneke Patterson, Kit Boyes, Marcus Hawkins, Robert Morton, Sarita Dara, Shaun McKenzie-Pollock, Kate Manderson, Frank Wurmitzer, Pat Leary, Jon Nelson, Peter Battersby, Tim Sprott, Luke Luc


Apologies: John Faris, Hardeep Hundal , David Powell, Ben Johnston, Gus Cabre, Bruce Phillips, Lisa Brown


Proxies: Nil


Meeting started at 13:33 hours with quorum of members, no proxies.

Previous minutes from 2021 AGM accepted

Moved Anton Wiles Seconded: Kit Boyes Passed


Presidents Report

  1. Reviewed AMSNZ committee activities in the past year.
  2. Work continues to establish a registrar position in Aerospace Medicine in New Zealand, to parallel that already operating in Australia.
  3. Discussed the very welcome collaborative approach with greater interaction with MEs being deliberately taken by CAA CMU, and also noted much valuable work being done by the small team at CAA Central Medical Unit (updated GDs, etc).
  4. Moved: A student membership (suggested $20) with proof of current student status be added to the Society rules, AND
    Moved: A Doctor In Training membership be added to the Society rules – Section 3 (definitions) and Section 7 (membership types).
    Moved: That the committee can discuss meeting comments and decide on price to set for each membership type, and whether to cap duration of Doctor in Training membership.
    Moved Michael Seconded Kit Boyes Passed unanimously
  5. CAA and IT. Concern expressed about the current process of implementing EMPIC without substantive (any?) real consultation from pilots or medical examiners who will use the system. ‘You will be kept informed of progress’ is not acceptable. Any online medical records system must be safe and efficient. EMPIC is unsuitable. Badly implemented medical records IT is a significant potential risk to flight safety.
    Discussion was informed and wide ranging.

Moved to accept Stuart Farmer Seconded Kit Boyes


Treasurers Financial Report

Accounts are on the website. Balances : Cheque $65129.56 Term Deposit $82451.80

Financials be accepted Moved: Greg van der Hulst Seconded: Kit Boyes Passed

Patterson Trust update – Michael Drane

The trust is currently in a healthy position with about $592,892 earning interest. Term deposits are not a good protection against inflation so alternative investment options are being investigated.

Trust actively looking to support Australasian aerospace medicine training. No scholarships have yet been awarded


Election of Officers:

Resignation – secretary – Greg van der Hulst

Nomination for Secretary Tim Sprott – Proposed Michael, Seconded Greg. Tim elected unopposed

Current Society Officers :

Dr Michael Drane – President

Dr Tim Sprott – Secretary

Dr Stuart Farmer – Treasurer

Dr Calum Young – Committee

Dr Bryan Chong – Committee

Dr Hardeep Hundal – Committee

Dr Lisa Brown – Committee


Motion: That the AMSNZ does not require an audit for the current financial year ending 31 March 2023

Proposed: AW Seconded: Rob Morton Passed


Motion: That AMSNZ should support a committee officer to attend ASAM annually to encourage continued cooperation between the two societies.

Proposed: Kit Boyes Seconded: AW


Ideas sought for 2023 ASM – committee will collate suggestions and discuss at next meeting.


Meeting closed at 14:10 hours