AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2021

12:17 25 September 2021            via Zoom

Present: Anton Wiles (president), Greg van der Hulst  (acting sec), Stuart Farmer ( treasurer), Joanna Lapish, Hardeep Hundal , David Powell, John  Karalus, Dave Baldwin, Ben Johnston, Nicola Emslie, Calum Young, Angela Dowle, Gus Cabre, Bruce Phillips, Bryan Chong, Michael Drane, Janneke, Jayne Davis, Kelsi Nichols, Kit Boyes, Lisa Brown, Marcus Hawkins, Monica Ford, Peter Vujcich, Peter Hurly, Rajib Ghosh, Richard Lunz, Rob Visser, Robert Morton, Sarita Dara, Shaun McKenzie-Pollock, Stuart Farmer, Janneke Patterson

Apologies: John Farris, Tim Sprott, David Baldwin, John Karalus

Proxies: Nil

Meeting started at 1217 hours with quorum of members, no proxies.

Previous minutes from 2020 AGM be accepted   Proposed AW Seconded: SF         Passed


Peter Chapman – life member – letter read with thanks.  Anton has thanked him and wished him all the best.

Presidents Report

Proposed AW Seconded SF

Treasurers Financial Report

Financials be accepted   Moved: SF           Seconded: Rob Morton                 Passed

Patterson Trust update – presented by David Powell

International Aviation Academy congress 2021 for Auckland, delayed to 2022, then cancelled due to COVID19.  ASAM planning through to 2024.

The trust is currently in a healthy position with about $585,978 earning interest. Term deposits are not a good protection against inflation so alternative investment options are being investigated.

Discussion is ongoing with respect to assisting Australasian aerospace medicine training.  No scholarships have been awarded this year past.  A decision on whether a scholarship will be awarded this year will be decided in the next few months. The scholarships have been used to encourage doctors to become MEs in the past.


Election of Officers:

Formal votes of thanks for Anton’s work as President 2 full terms plus one year and Denis Lee’s excellent stewardship of the Secretarial portfolio for a similar period.

President – Michael Drane elected unopposed

Secretary – Greg van der Hulst elected unopposed

Treasurer – Stuart Farmer – carrying on with thanks for continuity

New committee members –

Bryan Chong

Hardeep Hundal

Gus Cabre

Retiring committee member – Nicola Emslie.  You’ll be missed Nic!


Motion: That the AMSNZ does not require an audit for the current financial year ending 31 March 2022

Proposed: AW    Seconded: DP     Passed


Motion: That the AMSNZ considers Pavilions hotel in Christchurch for next year’s conference, COVID permitting

Proposed: AW    Seconded: GV


Motion: Lisa Brown – two discussion points

  1. Proposes a student membership fee (suggested $50, ? half price) with proof of current student status.   To be raised at next committee meeting – currently planned for Thursday 28 October – time TBA
  2. Also asked about a scholarship to attend the meeting in exchange for presenting.  ? $200.  Supported by Nicola Emslie, Stuart Farmer and Michael Drane.  Suggested management of this portfolio by Lisa.  Also deferred to next committee meeting.  Strong support in principle from the comments from the group.

To discuss both of these at next committee meeting.

Meeting closed at 1248 hours