AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2018

Saturday 18 August 2018

Classic Flyers New Zealand- Tauranga Airport

Boeing Room

Present: Anton Wiles ( President), Greg van der Hulst ( Treasurer), Denis Lee ( Secretary),Stuart Farmer, Calum Young, Peter Vujcich, Roger Ward, John Karalus, Hardeep Hundal, David Powell, Marcus Hawkins, Jayne Daniels, Jeff Brownless, Bruce Phillip, Jon Nelson, Rob Morton, Kit Boyes, Puru Sagar, Nic Emslie

Meeting started at 1630 hours

Apologies: Dave Baldwin, Ben Johnston, Peter Hurly

Proxies: nil

Previous minutes from 2017 AGM accepted Proposed GVDH Seconded SF Passed

No Correspondence

Presidents Report- Anton Wiles

Last years conference in Queenstown was a success with the Australians very happy with it and it exceeded their experience. There was a substantial profit made. Thanks to GVDH for running the conference.

The current scientific meeting required much less work.

The committee meetings have bee conducted via Skype and involving minimal time and work. AW would like to encourage others coming to join the committee

Current conference has had 29 members attend. The Society has 59 paid up members and 10 yet to pay.

Move that Presidents report be accepted. Proposed SF Seconded PV. Passed

Treasurers Report- Greg Van der Hulst

Income for the Society has come from membership with 59 paid up members and 10 yet to pay,

$27 000 profit from the Queenstown conference was distributed to the Patterson Trust and to John Lane Trust.

$74,960.73 is in the savings account with $40,795.71 in the cheque account after costs from this conference

Move that the financial accounts be approved. Proposed GVDH Seconded AW Passed



Motion that the AMSNZ does not appoint an auditor for the current financial year ending 31 March 2019

Proposed AW Seconded SF Passed


Election of Officers

Greg van der Hulst has relinquished his role as treasurer but will remain on the committee

Stuart Farmer will now take over the role of treasurer.

Anton Wiles will stay on as president for another year.

Denis Lee will remain as secretary.

Other members of the committee : Calum Young, Nicola Emslie

General Business

Vote of thanks to Air New Zealand for their generosity in bringing over this years Patterson Trust Lecturer, Dr John Caldwell from Key West Florida USA

Jon Nelson thanked the committee for an excellent scientific meeting in Tauranga

Thanks to Calum Young for all his work in arranging the meeting

Aviation Peer Review group well established in Auckland and the Christchurch peer review group has been established. Offer to help establish aviation peer review groups any other areas should there be any interest

Venue for next year

? Christchurch ? Wellington – to be decided by the Committee at a future meeting

Discussion re future conferences with Australians based on a 6 year cycle with a combined conference every 3 years

Patterson Trust

David Powell provided an update on the Patterson Trust. It is doing well and at the last AGM had $450 000. He indicated it needs to be self sustainable for the future.

No questions.

Meeting closed at 1700 20 August 2018


Denis Lee