AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2017

Annual General Meeting 2017

15:45 Saturday 2 September 2017

Crowne I, Level 3, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Queenstown


Present:  Anton Wiles (President), Greg van der Hulst (Treasurer), Denis Lee (secretary), Stuart Farmer, Joanna Lapish, Robert Morton, Kevin Lee, Ben Johnston, Tim Sprott, Frank Wurmitzer, Peter Hurly, Calum Young


Apologies:Brian Spackman, Len Thompson, John Faris, Michael Tombros, Jon Nelson, Jorgen Schousboe, Kit Boyes, David Powell, Lisa Brown,


Proxies: Denis Lee for Brian Spackman, Len Thompson and Jorgen Schousboe

Previous minutes from 2016 AGM accepted. Proposed JL Seconded DL Passed

No new correspondence


Presidents report

Most of the year has been spent planning for the Queenstown conference

Initial concern was that the conference would break even

Thanks to Air NZ for funding the Patterson lecturer

Thanks to all committee members and Iceberg for their involvement in the conference

Unfortunate that CAA could not have a session at conference but they have a day session on October 2017

Moved Presidents report to be passed GVH seconded DL Passed

Official report on website


Treasurers report

Annual accounts are online

Accounts have not changed much. $10 000 was needed for funding the conference. Income from the conference has not been received yet from Iceberg

Anticipated that there will be a $5000 donation to Patterson Trust

It is expected that there will be a $30-35 000 profit from the conference along with the $10 000 seed fund

Organisation is in a financially stable position

Moved that the treasurers report be accepted

Moved GVH Seconded SF Passed


General discussion

No election of officers this year but there will be an election next year

Lisa Brown expressed an interest to join the committee

Moved to accept the offer Moved AW Seconded GVH Passed


Moved that AMSNZ will not need to have an audit this year

Moved AW Seconded SF Passed


Other business

BJ mentioned the possibility of having an ICASM meeting in NZ. Would involve 500 delegates. There are difficulties in arranging this? too daunting

AW mentioned that it was hoped to have regular speakers from ICASM?( check this). Have had more overseas speakers than previously. Need to canvas the ideas of having a combined conference with ASAM every 4 years and in between have own conference in each country.

GVH suggested the possibility of having a combined meeting elsewhere eg Hong Kong or Singapore. We could help with the organisation with ASAM.

Is important to have ongoing seminars on years where there is no conference.

Maybe every 6 years have a conference in Queenstown and the other 3 years have it in Australia or overseas.

The smaller AMSNZ meetings should be over 2 days with CAA and should involve the core membership. General agreement with this principle

Next year AMSNZ meeting will be a smaller local meeting. General support for a regional centre. ASAM meeting next year at Alice Springs from 30th July to 2nd August 2018

Initial thought for AMSNZ meeting to be in Tauranga 24-26 August and to possibly involve Aeronautical Society

BJ mentioned access to the Aviation Journal for a couple of years online. ASAM journal is moving to open online access in the next few months.


Patterson trust

BJ- no payments in last 3 years for scholarships

Subject to low interest rates

Air New Zealand has continued to sponsor travel for the Patterson Trust lecturer

Has paid out seed funding for the Australasian College

Currently has about $371,000 in current accounts but needs to get to

$500 000 to keep up with aims

AMSNZ currently has $70 000 and there is no anticipated significant outgoings

Main costs are for representation to ASAM meetings and meetings with CAA which amount to 3 per year

Recommended that AMSNZ should have some representation at these meetings

Suggested that a donation be made to John Lane Trust and to Patterson Trust

$5 to 10 000 of profit from the conference be donated to the John Lane Trust and depending on accounts and the remainder of the profit from the conference be donated to Patterson Trust

Proposed AW Seconded SF Passed


Meeting closed 4.55pm