AMSNZ AGM Minutes 2017

Minutes – AMSNZ Annual General Meeting 2017

Rydges Hotel, Featherston Street, Wellington

10 September, 2016

Present: Anton Wiles (president), Greg Van de Hulst (treasurer), Denis Lee ( secretary), Joanna Lapish

Apologies: Hardept Hundal, Stuart Farmer, Peter Chapman Smith, David Powell, John Karalus, Dave Baldwin, Ben Johnston, Nicola Emslie, Tim Sprott, Calum Young, Chris Kenedi

Proxies: Denis Lee for Stuart Farmer, Calum Young and Nicola Emslie; Anton Wiles for Chris Kenedi

Meeting started at 1642 hours with quorum of members including proxies.

Proxies accepted. Proposed GVDH Seconded DL Passed

Previous minutes from 2015 AGM be accepted Proposed DL Seconded: GVDH Passed

No new correspondence

1. Presidents Report

Currently planning for triennial meeting with ASAM in Queenstown September 2017. AMSNZ will be running the conference in association with Iceberg.

There has been a steady loss of members from the society. Retired members will be offered to join the society with a fee of $60.

There are aviation medicine peer groups currently run in Auckland and Christchurch.

John Nelson resigned early this year from the committee and Denis Lee has now taken over as secretary.

Thanks to GVDH, NE, DL and Brian Spackman for their help this year.

2. Treasurers Financial Report

The Society is in a stable financial state. There has been a slight reduction in income due to the retirement of members. There are currently about 50 paid up members which will be confirmed. There was some issue with the change in signatories to the BNZ bank account following the change in committee. This has been changed with the signatories now the current president and treasurer. It is estimated that next years conference will need about 110 delegates to break even.

Financials be accepted Moved: DL Seconded: AW Passed

3. Patterson Trust

This is currently in a healthy position with about $380,000 earning interest of about $20,000 per annum. This is less due to the low interest rates.

Air New Zealand have reduced expenditure by paying the airfare of the Patterson Trust speaker.

No scholarships have been awarded this year past. A decision on whether a scholarship will be awarded this year will be decided in the next few months. The scholarships have been used to encourage doctors to become MEs.

4. Election of Officers

Motion: Move that the committee be allowed to co-opt new members

Proposed: AW Seconded: DL Passed

Motion: To appoint Stuart Farmer to the committee

Proposed: DL Seconded: GVDH Passed

Motion: That the AMSNZ does not require an audit for the current financial year ending 31 March 2017

Proposed: AW Seconded: GVDH Passed

5. Triennial Conference Queenstown 2017

ASAM wanting to attract more Americans to meetings. We will still need to find a Patterson Trust speaker.  The theme is yet to be decided and will depend on who the guest speakers are.

Greg is to represent AMSNZ at ASAM conference in Townsville to invite delegates to next years conference. He will also talk to ASAM and CASA as to whether they want to run a CASA session at the conference

Potential for other delegates by contacting Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Hong Kong

No other business

Meeting closed at 1655 hours


– Denis Lee – Secretary




AGM Minutes 2015

Minutes – AMSNZ Annual General Meeting

AUT Central Campus, Wellesley Street, Auckland

5 September, 2015

Ben Johnson
Tim Sprott
Anton Wiles
Greg van der Hulst
Denis Lee
Jon Nelson
Jorgen Schousboe
Nicola Emslie
David Powell
Plus 6 other members.

Dave Baldwin

Meeting opened 16:30

Agenda items

1. President’s report. This was introduced by Ben Johnston. Motion that this be accepted: Moved by Ben Johnston, seconded Anton Wiles. Passed unanimously.

2. Treasurer’s report. Introduced by Anton Wiles. Discussed. Motion that report be accepted: Moved by Anton Wiles, seconded Jon Nelson. Passed unanimously.

3. Motion that the accounts for the year 2015-2016 not be audited. Moved by Anton Wiles, seconded Ben Johnston. Passed unanimously.

4. Patterson Trust. Report presented by Dave Powell. Discussed. Motion that report be accepted: Moved by Dave Powell, seconded Ben Johnston. Passed unanimously.

5. Election of Officials
President – elected unopposed – Dr Anton Wiles
Secretary – elected unopposed – Dr Jon Nelson
Treasurer – Elected unopposed – Dr Greg van der Hulst
Committee member – Nicola Emslie, Denis Lee

6. Discussion – Aviation Medical certification software – Faris vs other options. There was little support for the use of Society funds to update the Faris program, and no proposal was put to the meeting. There was some discussion as to whether CAA may get around to developing their own program (uncertain), or Air NZ may develop something that could be offered to CAA for general use. Watch this space.

7. 2016 ASM dates discussed, meeting to be in Wellington, based at CAA offices.

Meeting closed 17:30


AGM Minutes 2014



Minutes of AMSNZ AGM Meeting held at the Trailways Hotel, Nelson, on Saturday 6th September 2014


The Meeting opened at 17:04


Attendees – Jon Nelson, Brian Spackman, Ben Johnston, Tim Sprott, Anton Wiles, David Powell, Rod Nicholson, Greg van der Hulst, Denis Lee, Stuart Farmer, Bruce Phillip, Candida Hatherley, Susan Newton, Jorgen Schousboe, Len Thompson, Rajib Ghosh, John Karalus, Hugh Tapper, Bill Daniels, Kit Boyes, Jeff Brownless, John Elliott and Joanna Lapish.


Apologies – Andrew Campbell, Peter Hurly, Peter Dodwell, Rob Blackmore, Andrew McMennamin, and Peter Battersby.


Minutes of Previous AGM

The Minutes were accepted as an accurate record on the 2013 AGM in Wellington. Proposed: Greg van der Hulst. Seconded: Anton Wiles. Carried.


Matters arising from the Minutes


ASAM had agreed to provide the Society access to their annual journal at a cost of $20 per member. ASAM views the journal as a joint journal and invites contributions/articles from AMSNZ members.


Annual subscriptions increased from $100 to $140 this year. Anton apologised for the Club Hub invoicing issue and this is now fixed.


The Honorary membership list had been updated. There are currently four honorary members. One member, Russell Worth, is yet to be contacted. Russell is believed to be living in Taupo and the committee will contact the Wellington Air Rescue Trust to see if they have contact details.


President’s Report


Ben Johnston presented his report which will be online shortly. There are currently 69 members. Ben thanked the sponsors for our annual meeting – USL Medical for the catering, Patterson Trust for the speaker, and Air NZ for travel for the Patterson Trust speaker.


Ben also thanked the committee for its work and especially a non-committee member Brian Spackman for his great assistance to the committee.


Future conferences – 2015 – joint conference with ANZSOM (probably in Auckland in September; 2016 – October meeting venue TBC, and in 2017 a joint AMSNZ/ ASAM meeting in Queenstown.


Tourism NZ had approached the Society to see if we were interested in hosting an ICASM meeting in NZ. After due reflection the committee has declined this.


Aviation Medicine Community Liaison Group – Ben and Tim have been attending these meetings. Ben will forward the Liaison Group minutes. Discussion about the CAA online Medical Certification System, for which a timeframe remains uncertain.


CME Activities in Auckland and Christchurch are supported by the Society.


Treasurer’s report


Anton Wiles presented the audited accounts to 31 March 2014. Gross income was $23,589 including $11,995 from the 2013 conference fees. There was a $5000 donation to the Patterson Trust. Surplus after taxation of $455 was $2748. Net assets were $74997.


Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report – Anton Wiles, seconded David Powell. Accepted.


There was discussion about the increase in the auditor’s fee.


General Business


Auditor’s fees – Motion “ That the AGM resolves that no auditor be appointed for the current financial year” – Jorgen Schousboe, seconded Susie Newton. Unanimously accepted by the members.


Vacant committee position – Andy Campbell has resigned from the committee. Denis Lee was proposed by Jon Nelson, seconded by Rob Morton. Carried. Denis was duly elected as a committee member.


Patterson Trust – David Powell provided an update on the Patterson Trust’s finances and emphasised the low risk investment strategy used. The trust needs to grow its funds, and would welcome assistance through donations or bequests.


Medical certification system – Anton Wiles lead a brief discussion on the options for an alternative software system for medical certification. Decision made to defer further discussion to the next AGM.


The Meeting closed at 17:34.



Tim Sprott